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Chestnut Enchanted Lady (Kona)

Chestnut Enchanted Lady recieving her Canadian Championship, with handler Haley Griffith, on April 21, 2018.

Welcome to Riverwalk Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever has been a much loved and popular family and sporting dog for generations. They are loving, hard working, intelligent, beautiful animals. Always wanting to please their owners. When bred to AKC standard they should be of balanced structure, movement,  sound temperament. They do well in obedience, field trials, agility, and conformation.


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We are excited to announce Kona and Freddie are expecting again mid April.  Their first litter born 7/31/2018 were just beautiful puppies, healthy, robust, and happy with great conformation. Contact me if you are interested in being put on our puppy list and I will set up a time for a phone conversation where I can answer your questions and we can get to know each other.

Rochester, NY, USA



Potential Owner Questionnaire

                         Riverwalk Golden Retriever Puppy Questionnaire 

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Mailing address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Tell us a little about your family… its members, ages and life style. What does your family enjoy doing? Are there other pets?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What plans do you have for your golden as he/she grown up? Family companion, field dog/hunting, obedience, agility, therapy dog? _________________________________________________________________

Are you a first time puppy owner? If not, tell us a little about your experience with dog ownership.  How many dogs have you owned? What activities did/do you enjoy doing with them? How old did they live to be?

What made you decide on a Golden Retriever? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What plans do you have for training your puppy? What has worked for you in the past?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What do you think about crate training? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What type of yard do you have? How will you keep your puppy safe outdoors? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What are your plans for your puppy when family members are at school or work? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
When traveling with your dog, where does the dog ride? _________________________________________________________________
Do you prefer a male or female puppy? If your first choice is not available, would you consider a pup of the opposite sex? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Will you agree to wait to alter your puppy until he/she has matured to at least three months after your little girls's first season or until your male is at least 2 years old?_______
Do you understand and agree to the principle of "limited registration"? _____________________________________________________________________________________________